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How People Trust You Motivational Story

How People Trust You Motivational Story

How People Trust You Motivational Story

The education of the disciples was completed in Gurukul and today was their last day. According to the tradition of Gurukul, Guruji was ready to give the last sermon to his disciples. When all the disciples gathered in the main hall of the Gurukul, Guruji started giving his sermons. He had some wooden blooms in his hand. He said to the disciples, showing the blooms, "In my hand, these blossoms you have to find the difference among these three", after getting Guruji's permission, the disciples started looking at the toys very carefully. They were all toys made of wood, they were exactly the same puddles. In which it was very difficult to find the difference.

Then one of the disciples tested a doll and said, "Hey, look, there is a hole in its ear." This was enough to indicate that all the disciples discovered the difference between them. So they all said to Guruji that Guruji is the only difference in this Guddu, there is a hole in one's ears. One has holes in the mouth and one in the ear and one has holes in only one ear.

Hearing his answer, Guruji said that rightly, now Guruji gave a thin wire of metal to the disciples and asked him to put it in the ear of Guddu. If the disciples did the same thing, then see what that wire passed through the ear of one of the puddles. The wire passed through the mouth of another judge. While putting a wire in one's ear, it did not come out of the ear.

On this, Guruji explained to him that look, in this way you will get three types of people in life. One with whom if you say something, after listening with one ear, he removes it from the other ear, do not share anything with such people. There will be those people who will listen to you and go in front of someone else and in such a situation, do not share any important things with them, and one will be the one from whom you will say anything on which you can trust, just like that third doll and with them you. You can also get advice regarding the matter. Such people will become your strength. You just have to have the right test of the people.

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