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All Courses after 12th

All Courses after 12th

Courses after 12th
Courses after 12th

'What after twelfth ?' is the regular inquiry among the age of understudies concentrating in the twelfth standard. Consistently the inquiries hit lakhs of understudies in India and abroad. The perplexity wins among them concerning profession possibilities, openings for work and indeed, their enthusiasm, their inclination. Advocates state that the absence of appropriate data about the courses accessible in India and their vocation possibilities is someplace capable. Science, Commerce, and Arts are the choices accessible in which understudies can locate a reasonable course to seek after twelfth. 

Picking a course will never be an advantageous alternative rather it ought to be an exceptionally inspiring decision for the understudies. Interests, inspiration, and objectives are prime variables understudies must consider while picking a course from the scope of courses accessible in India to seek after twelfth. Understudies can pick a course from top areas including Engineering, Architecture, Design, Law, Applied Science, Business Studies, Management, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Economics, Media, Humanities, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

Given underneath is the rundown of courses in the previously mentioned three streams that can assist understudies with settling on an educated and incredible decision lining up with their inclinations and vocation desires in the wake of passing an optional class.

Courses accessible after twelfth Arts 

Understudies who believe that in the event that they pick Arts Stream, they will have less vocation open doors than science and business, yet in the wake of finishing twelfth from expressions, there is a rundown of courses that will give you great profession openings. 

BBA-Bachelor of Business Administration 

BBA (likewise spelled as B.B.A.) is a college degree program in the field of Business Administration. This is a 3-year course (separated in 6 semesters) which is intended to give expansive information on the practical zone of an organization and their interconnection. 

Center subjects of BBA 


Financial matters 

Activity the board 

Business Law and Ethics 

Authoritative Behavior 


Monetary the board 

Human Resource the executives and so forth. 

The BBA course expects to build up understudy's official character and administrative capacity. It additionally helps the understudies to build up the extraordinary administration quality for a fruitful overseeing vocation in an association or venture. The understudies additionally gain information on business forms, worldwide business issues and comprehend the job of financial aspects in business and world markets.

BMS-Bachelor of Management Science 

Lone ranger of Management Studies (BMS) is a three-year undergrad program that offers propelled examines in the field of the board that is important to run an association effectively. It likewise gives inside and out information on human asset the executives, financial aspects, and business ponders. 

The BMS course gives understudies immense information on the changing universe of the executives, new business procedures, enterprise, exchanging, money, stock, and hazard investigation. It incorporates different instructional meetings and extra and co-curricular exercises that are fundamental for the general advancement of the understudies to assist them with understanding this present real challenges. BMS likewise shows maturing business visionaries on how to extend their organizations with a minimal number of dangers. 

Understudies wanting to attempt BMS must have group building characteristics and ought to have the option to convey viably. They ought to likewise know about the present undertakings and the securities exchange. Understudies figure out how to fundamentally break down circumstances and to unravel the complexities of the board. 

Single guy of Management Studies (BMS) Eligibility Criteria 

Least Qualification Required: 10+2 

Least Marks Required: half differs to 60%, fluctuates from school to school. English as an obligatory subject in secondary school. 

Age Limit: as far as possible is 22 years for general class and 24 years for saved classification.

BFA-Bachelor of Fine Arts 

BFA or Bachelor of Fine Arts is a college degree course that manages the investigation of Visual or Performing Arts. The course is some of the time additionally alluded to as Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) in which the investigation of Visual Arts incorporates subjects, for example, painting, form, photography, writing, movement, and so on. Then again, the investigation of Performing Arts includes subjects, for example, move, theater, and music. A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree regularly requires a zone of specialization to be picked by the applicant according to his/her advantage. 

Contingent upon the competitor's picked a specialization, BFA is normally a three to four-year length course that can be sought after as full-time, low maintenance, on the web or separation learning program. 

A BFA course instructs as well as changes the aptitudes of contenders to empower them to become specialists in their picked field. Vocation open doors for expressive arts graduates are sufficient wherein they can decide to be a craftsmanship instructor, author, fine craftsman, entertainer, workmanship executive, and much more. Nowadays numerous understudies are deciding on a profession in Fine Arts not exclusively to win high compensation yet, in addition, to pick up fame and notoriety.

BEM-Bachelor of Event Management 

It is a Bachelor's Degree course. Actually, this course goes under the UG level. UG represents the undergrad level. 

Understudies who have passed the twelfth standard are qualified to seek after this course. As the name recommends, this course spins around the space of occasion the executives and its partnered regions. In this manner, in fact, it is an administration training program. 

What is an occasion the executives about, you may inquire? Give us a chance to think about a genuine model! Consider IPL for instance. It represents the Indian Premier League. It is a game that goes on for a time of one to two months. 

So as to arrange this occasion effectively, one must deal with the accompanying undertakings – occasion arranging, setting determination and planning, wellbeing and security, man the board, material administration, executing the occasion, regulating the occasion, fund the executives, showcasing the executives, client care the executives, and so forth. 

As should be obvious, the executive's procedures and occasions assume a significant job in the occasion's execution and guaranteeing its prosperity. In basic terms, occasion the board manages applying the board standards and methods to design, make and execute occasions. 

Presently IPL is an enormous scale game. So as to do such an occasion, the coordinators generally depend on a huge (or different) occasion the board firm(s).

Coordinated Law Course-BA + LL.B 

The BA LLB (Hons) Education Program is thinking about as an Undergraduate Law Course. The law is set to keep rules and guidelines under which the nation has been represented. As an equivalent to it's Post Graduation partner L.L.M the BA L.L.B is contracted in a similar way. It's likewise seen that BA L.L.B is additionally educated as Bachelor of Law in numerous Institutes or Universities. This course has a timespan of 3 years under which it's isolated into 6 semesters. Concerned understudies can partake in L.L.B (General) Degree, who doesn't want to rehearse as backers. In India, any Recognized college took the most extreme time of 6 years to finish the BA L.L.B course. 

The lawful instruction pinnacle body in India is the Bar Council of India. The Bar Council of India has every one of the rights to screen and controls the arrangement of legitimate instruction in India. With Hons, it intends to a Higher Academic Standard Course as it needs a top to bottom investigation for any of the topic. It is well known among the Simple, Pass, General or Ordinary Bachelors Course. B.A. L.L.B. (Hons.) is a five years course. It is called an Integrated Course since its course instructive projects cover the examination of Arts subjects like History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, etc nearby the all-around examination of law and gathering. It is moreover escaped as BA (LLB) (Hons.).

BJMC-Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication 

Lone ranger of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) is an undergrad program that furnishes applicants with information about different journalistic abilities in broad communications, for example, papers, TV, radio, web and so on. It likewise illuminates understudies about different innovation, gear, and programming associated with broad communications. 

The span of the course is three years and is isolated into six equivalent semesters. BJMC is a correct vocation decision for the competitors who have consistently been interested and curious about the issues and occasions occurring the world over. They ought to have decent energy for composing and detailing the occasions to the immense crowd through the broad communications mediums. Such applicants in a perfect world have the capacity to compose well including altering and web composing alongside great correspondence and diagnostic abilities.

BFD-Bachelor of Fashion Designing 

Single guy of Fashion Design (BFD) - Bachelor of Fashion Design is an establishment and Specialization Year has Garment Construction, Pattern Making, Draping, Grading, Surface Ornamentation, Merchandising, Quality Assurance and Production, Fashion Art Illustration, Fashion Model Drawing, Trend Forecasting, Portfolio, etc. This program gives concentrated contributions on style clothing structure. It assimilates the capacity to canalize innovativeness alongside a comprehension of materials, ornamentation procedures article of clothing development and assembling methods couple with the business prerequisites, where the configuration has earned a central position.

BSW-Bachelor of Social Work 

Social work, as the name recommends, is identified with helping people, gatherings, and networks to upgrade their individual and aggregate prosperity. It utilizes sociologies, humanism, brain research, political theory, general wellbeing, network advancement, law, and financial matters to take care of issues at individual and network levels! 

A prepared social specialist gives proficient help to individuals out of luck. He/she is equipped for working at individual, gathering and network levels! 

Social work by and large centers around the accompanying territories – 

General wellbeing 


Network improvement 


Recovery and revision 

Ladies strengthening 

BSW course prepares understudies and transforms them into gifted social specialists. So as to change understudies into social laborers, BSW course prepares them in zones, for example, – 


Human science 

Brain science 

Political theory 

General wellbeing 

Network improvement 


Financial aspects 


Family training 

Social specialists assume a very pivotal job in the improvement of our Nation. They assume an essential job in the upliftment of poor people and oppressed. Gifted social laborers can conquer any hindrance between the Government and the oppressed individuals.

BBS-Bachelor of Business Studies 

"What is a BBS course?" is an inquiry on any understudies' mind who needs to seek after it. Four-year college education programs in Business Studies are known by different names in various initiates as: 

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) 

BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) is pretty much the equivalent. 

The unhitched male of Business Studies (BBS) is planned for helping understudies create business-dependent on scholarly and relational aptitudes. 

The BBS course length is for a long time which is isolated into 6 semesters. BBS subjects semester insightful division causes the understudies to comprehend the rudiments and the subject completely over the semesters. 

The course consolidates two center territories – Business and Finance. 

The business part incorporates Marketing, Economics, Human Resources, and Finance Part incorporates Budget Studies, Computing and Accounting. 

The course can be sought after either as a Full-Time or Part-Time Graduate Course for example through Correspondence or Distance Education relying on one's decision. 

The degree is intended to give wide information on the useful parts of organizations of association and their interconnection, while likewise permitting specialization in a specific region.

BTTM-Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management 

Flying Courses 

B.Sc-Interior Design 

B.Sc.- Hospitality and Hotel Administration 

BVA-Bachelor of Visual Arts 

The unhitched male of Performing Arts 

BA in History

Courses accessible after twelfth Science: 

In the wake of finishing twelfth with the science stream, there is an assortment of alternatives accessible for a college class. Understudies who have an enthusiasm for specialized learning can pick designing courses and the rest can browse the courses recorded underneath. 

  • BE/B.Tech-Bachelor of Technology 
  • B.Arch-Bachelor of Architecture 
  • BCA-Bachelor of Computer Applications 
  • B.Sc.- Information Technology 
  • B.Sc-Nursing 
  • BPharma-Bachelor of Pharmacy 
  • B.Sc-Interior Design 
  • BDS-Bachelor of Dental Surgery 
  • Activity, Graphics, and Multimedia 
  • B.Sc. – Nutrition and Dietetics 
  • BPT-Bachelor of Physiotherapy 
  • B.Sc-Applied Geology 
  • BA/B.Sc. Aesthetic Sciences 
  • B.Sc.- Physics 
  • B.Sc. Science 
  • B.Sc. Arithmetic 

Under B.Tech, you have an alternative of different courses to do after twelfth which include: 

Science is one of the well-known streams offering a wide scope of specialized courses. Here is the rundown of UG building courses for understudies who have finished their optional training in the science stream. 

  • Aeronautical Engineering 
  • Vehicle Engineering 
  • Structural Engineering 
  • Software engineering and Engineering 
  • Biotechnology Engineering 
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering 
  • Gadgets and Communication Engineering 
  • Robotization and Robotics 
  • Oil Engineering 
  • Instrumentation Engineering 
  • Earthenware Engineering 
  • Substance Engineering 
  • Basic Engineering 
  • Transportation Engineering 
  • Development Engineering 
  • Power Engineering 
  • Mechanical technology Engineering 
  • Material Engineering

Courses accessible after twelfth Commerce: 

Understudies who need to find out about monetary and the board can pick trade stream after the tenth. For business understudies, arithmetic is a discretionary subject, along these lines understudies who have an enthusiasm for arithmetic, however, would prefer not to go with the science stream can take the trade with maths. 

B.Com-Bachelor of Commerce 

BBA-Bachelor of Business Administration 

B.Com (Hons.) 

BA (Hons.) in Economics 

Incorporated Law Program-B.Com LL.B. 

Incorporated Law Program-BBA LL.B 

Aside from courses under Science, Commerce, and Arts, there is additionally a rundown of expert courses to seek after twelfth: 

CA-Chartered Accountancy 

CS-Company Secretary 

Lone ranger of Design in Accessory Design, Fashion Design, Ceramic Design, Leather Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Jewelry Design 

A lone ranger in Foreign Language 

Recognition Courses 

Propelled Diploma Courses 

Testament Courses

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