Monday, November 25, 2019

Child Development - Why do children become spoiled?

Child Development - Why do children become spoiled?

Child Development

Tell him that everything has a price, so one day he will send his integrity.

Teach him to be firm on anything, so he will slip on everything.

Teach him that success is everything in life; So they will try to succeed by doing every trick.

 Give him everything he wants from childhood; Therefore, he will grow up with the thought that it is the responsibility of the world to meet the needs of his life and everything will be served before him in a saucer.

 Laugh at it when you use dirty words. With this, they will start thinking of themselves as clever.

 Instead of teaching him morality, wait for him to turn 21 so that he can decide for himself.

 Give him the freedom to make choices without making him know the right direction. Never teach him that every election has a result.

 Never tell him anything about his mistakes thinking that this will create frustration in his mind. Therefore, if caught doing something wrong, society will believe that it is against it.

Pick up everything sold around him, such as books, shoes, clothes, etc. Do all his work yourself. The result will be that he gets used to putting all his responsibilities on the shoulders of others.

 Give them the freedom to see and hear whatever they want to see and hear. Pay attention to the fragrance that goes into his body, but let him litter the brain.

 Let him do anything to be popular among friends.

 Quarrels often in his presence. So he will not be surprised when the house breaks down.

 Give as much money as you want. Never explain the value of money to him. Make sure that he never has to face the problems that we had to face.

 They will be frustrated if they do not meet their physical needs of eating and drinking and enjoyment immediately.

Always take the side of the neighbors and teachers thinking that they are my match for our child.

When he got into some real trouble, shake his hand saying, I tried my best, but could not do anything for him.

 Do not let him think that freedom from discipline is snatched away.

To teach him the lesson of independence, instead of having direct control like a parent, control it remotely.

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