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best way to increase website traffic

best way to increase website traffic

best way to increase website traffic
best way to increase website traffic

best way to increase website traffic,If you have also created a website, and traffic is not coming on it, then today I will tell you the ways with which you can generate good traffic on your website. The reason for not coming on the traffic website could be anything, maybe - if you are making some mistakes, then today we will know about them and will make your website to reach the heights.

Not submitting your website to Google Search Console, or creating a site map for your website, there are many ways that will prevent your website from moving forward. So today we will discuss about them only. Follow what I tell you step well.

1.Select a domain that is SEO friendly

To create a good website, one has to first buy a domain name and a hosting. The domain name is very good if bought according to your keywords. For this you can buy domain name from Godaddy for ₹ 99. And in addition to hosting, the domain name should check whether its DA PA is good or not? Does your domain name match your key word or not? Know this well. And then start your website. The domain name  .com, .in, .info, .net, is a must.

2.Use a responsive theme for your website.

Most people do not use responsive themes for their website. So when any user comes to his website, he takes too much page loading time, so he leaves the website and leaves. So we need a responsive theme, which can be easily seen even in mobile and the loading speed is also very high. Select such a theme. This can generate very good traffic for your website.

3.use the long-tail keyword

When people write any post on their website, they use small keywords for it. Therefore, that post is not able to rank in Google, so you need to use the long-tail keyword.

4. Use custom permalink

For people who write blogs in Hindi, this is the biggest problem, that they do not use custom permalink. And so his posts never rank in Google. It is very important to use custom permalinks for search optimization. If we do not use custom permalinks, then my search engine optimization never ranks my keywords. Keep your keywords search engine optimization friendly.

What is a custom permalink? To find out, see the picture below
custom permalink
custom permalink

5.Write a guest post for your website.

The best way to increase the traffic of your website is to write a guest post. To write a guest post, talk to the website administrator of the related post. And on their website, you write a good content and post it. This will give you a dofollow backlink from his website, and with his help you will get traffic to your website.

6.Advertise your website

Advertising your website is a normal thing. When our website is completely new, it is very difficult for users to come to it. Therefore, we need to advertise our website with the help of Google Adwords. So that more and more users come to your website. We have to pay to advertise the website, in addition, we can promote our website on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

7. Share your post on social media.

To get organic traffic to your website, it is necessary to share your posts on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, etc. With its help, we can bring organic traffic.

8.Add meta description

If we do not write any good content on our website, our post does not rank in Google unless we use meta description in it. So, we need to write a meta description.

Friends, if you too are blogging or creating a website, then there is some problem in it, then you can write in my comment box, I will definitely help you, thanks for reading my post.

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