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How to Make a Gmail & gmail account sign up

How to Make a Gmail & gmail account sign up

By following these states, you can create a Gmail account in a very simple way.

How to Make a Gmail & gmail account sign up
You can create a Gmail account for absolutely free, so in today's time, Gmail account has become so important that if we do any online work, it is very important to have an email or Gmail account for it. So it became an essential part to live our lives.

How to Create a Gmail account :

make a gmail

Note:After creating a Gmail account, keep in mind that you have to use the same Gmail account as all accounts or applications or browsers such as YouTube Facebook Google Document Google Chrome Play Store Google Calendar, all of them.

See step by step

1. First of all you have to go to the web address given below and open it.

2. After that you have to click on Create Account.

In this page, you have to fill up your first name, last name, username and password and then confirm password and click on Next.

Privacy and Terms Page

After that you have to read the privacy policy and click on I Agree.

Welcome page

In this way your new Gmail account will be created and you will have to click on the "Welcome to Gmail" account on the Google Welcome page.

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