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how to write seo friendly blog posts

how to write seo friendly blog posts

How to write an SEO Friendly blog post to get your post to the first page.

 How to write an SEO Friendly blog post to get your post to the first page in Google Search Engine? If you continue to publish Post continuously, but after searching Post does not appear on the first page. For this, I am going to tell some ways which if understood well, you will be able to write very good SEO friendly content which will definitely show on the first page in Search Engine.

दोस्तों ये पोस्ट में इंग्लिश में लिख रहा हु क्योंकि मुझे लगा की कई मेरे ऐसे दोस्त है जो इंग्लिश में पढ़ना पसंद करते है। 

In today's time SEO has become a very big part. Ranking the website without SEO seems impossible. Whatever you write on your blog, it is already written on some blog, there is only one way that you can write your article seo-friendly.

SEO friendly tips written by localknowledge
how to write seo friendly blog posts

Friends, you can show your blog article on the first page in Google even without SEO, for this your content must be of the best category.

  If we talk about best class content, then there are many points involved.

  • Article should be informative.
  • The article should be easy to understand.
  • High number of keyword searches.
  • Bid rate for your article.
  • Your keyword depth.
  • Place Your Keywords Properly.

Article should be informative.

  • Whatever post you write, that post should be informative, that means the reader can easily understand it.
  • Write your article sequentially.
  • Any evidence related to the article that you have; For example, include photos, videos, etc.
  • Do not include anything that is objectionable.

The article should be easy to understand

  • Friends, write an article that is in the common language.
  • Write as much simple article as possible so that it is easily understood by the reader.
  • Write your article with more summary in less words.

High number of keyword searches

  • If you are writing an article, before that you need to know what the search number of that post is.
  • You can use any tool to know this; You can use keywords like keyword, google adver etc.
  • If the search for that post is more then only you wrote that post.

Bid rate for your article

The bid rate of the article you wrote must be good.
Before writing any article, you must check its bid rate.
If your blog is in English language then it is a good thing otherwise the blog rate in Hindi language is low.

Your keyword depth

What topic is the article you wrote and how deep do you go in that article, I mean you know the information related to it very accurately.

Place Your Keywords Properly

Positioning the main keyword of your article is very important for seo.
And in addition, it is also necessary that how often you use the main keyword in your article.

The main keyword must be used at least ten times.

Now we are going to talk about how to write SEO friendly blog post.

Attractive heading
The heading of your article is everything, so it is very important that the post's headings be attractive.

Make sure to write the description of your post, because only the description is shown in Google search, so it is very important.

I am giving you a photo below where you will see the description.
It is very important to use tags related to your post.


  If you write any type of article, then the first paragraph of that post should be of introduction only so that the reader knows what your post is related to, so you must write at the beginning of the introduction post is.

Main body
Below the introduction you have to write the main body of your post.

At the end of your post, please write a summary related to the post, what is your post type and what is its main purpose?

Length of your keyword
To rank your post in Google, what is most important is the length of your keyword, so keep the length of the word a little longer, you will benefit more and will be easier to rank.

Don't use too many keywords in your post, only use two or three keywords.

Be sure to target your main keyboard.
You have written any kind of blog post, it is necessary to mention the main keyword in it, so you should use the main boat repeatedly in your man post.
Just like in the title of your post, in the main body of the post, in the post description, you must use the main key word all these places.

Your blog needs to be responsive.
As we all know that mobile users are more everywhere, and search articles on Google from mobile only. Therefore, your blog post should be responsive so that it is also visible in mobile and can be read easily.

Keyword research

 Friends, let me tell you, whatever new bloggers are, they do not know anything about keyword research on this platform. Any keyword that comes to mind, publishes it by writing a post on it. This never ranks our posts. Therefore, before writing your post, it is most important that you do keyword research.
You can use many tools on Google to do keyword research.

Also know:

URL of your post

Your post URL also helps a lot in boosting the ranking of the post.
Follow these tips to create an SEO friendly blog post url.

First of all, buy a small and easy to remember domain for your site.

Use the Target Keyword in the URL only once.

If you read this post, then you might have come to know what the target keyword is.
Let's understand by some examples:
Very good URL: (Only Keyword)

Bad URL: (Keyword and extra word)

Internal Link

Be sure to use an internal link in the middle of your post, it is very important for seo, and it also has many benefits.

Internal links reduce the bounce rate of the website.

Your page visitors also increase with internal links.

Friends, I will hope that you are completely satisfied with the information given by me. If there is any kind of doubt, then you can write in the comment box, I will try to solve it.